Commercial Real Estate for Sale and Lease in Tyler, TX

Thinking about purchasing commercial real estate? Starting your search for a lease? We have plenty of commercial properties for sale in Tyler, TX. We also have options for leasing too.

When you’re ready to start the commercial property search, call Landbridge Commercial.

Buying Commercial Real Estate

Leasing Commercial Real Estate

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    Build Equity

    If you’re in it for the long haul, you want to build as much equity as possible. Looking at Tyler, TXcommercial real estate for sale, is a fantastic way to build real estate equity.

    When you put money into a property you own, you can see returns on it that you don’t when you lease.

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    Long-term Investment Value

    Whether it’s your first property or another one in your portfolio, owning commercial property is a great way to build wealth over the long term. While it usually costs more up front to purchase rather than lease, your income potential is also much greater.

    For those who have the time to sit and wait, owning a commercial property is a sound long-term investment. If you change your mind, you can always lease that property and create a passive income stream.

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    You have a vision. You know exactly what you want your business to look like from the ground up. The only problem is your landlord won’t let you make the changes you want. Maybe you don’t see the point of investing in something you don’t own.

    When you purchase a commercial property, you have complete creative control.

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    Tax Breaks

    You have a greater amount of tax write-offs when you own a commercial property. You can write off interest and depreciation. Of course, you can also write off all traditional business expenses that you would if you were leasing as well.

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    Lower Risk

    When you own the property, you assume the most risk. When you lease, the landlord assumes a good portion of the liability.

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    Lower Initial Cost

    Month-to-month, leasing tends to be cheaper than purchasing. While you aren’t building equity, you aren’t taking on as much of the cost either.

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    Free From Property Management Responsibilities

    Your landlord often handles property maintenance, repairs, and other costs that can eat into your bottom line.

We’re Here, Whichever You Choose

At Landbridge, we have a solid portfolio of properties to choose from for both sale and lease. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to find the perfect property.

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