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Are you a business owner in the Kilgore, Texas area in need of the services of a professional real estate brokerage with a long history of exceptional customer service? Do you need assistance creating strategies for maximizing your short and long-term growth?

At Landbridge Commercial Properties, we are proud to extend our expertise in crafting carefully structured plans that take account of all your specific market conditions. When you need expert property management solutions, build-to-suit construction services, market analyses, investment strategies, leasing, financing, land development, consulting services, and more in Kilgore, you need to call Landbridge.

Regardless of the size of your business in Kilgore, Texas, your number one concern should be the continued growth and success of your business. At Landbridge Commercial Properties, we specialize in assisting you with that growth by helping you make the most informed decisions possible. We serve as your partner in commercial real estate investment, consulting, property management, and more as a full-service brokerage in Kilgore.

Throughout our more than 25 years helping business owners in East Texas  reach and maintain their success, we have seen virtually everything there is related to the commercial real estate industry of Kilgore. We are proud of the countless accolades we have received over the years and the many memberships we hold in the most prestigious organizations in East Texas, but we are most honored by our continued ability to help you, our clients. For more information on our story, our team of highly qualified Agents, and our wide range of real estate brokerage services in Kilgore, Texas, contact Landbridge Commercial Properties today.