Listing A Property

List your Commercial Property with Landbridge and Get Results

Commercial properties have the potential to offer a source of income to owners and investors alike. When you're ready to list your property for sale or lease, a Landbridge Commercial professional can help you to with resources that address how to realize its profit potential with information on listing and leasing. Landbridge Commercial professionals have resources available to offer support with complete in-house resources, so that your investment maximizes the likelihood to maintain a competitive edge in today's market. Landbridge Commercial professionals will help you work out a strategy for properties that concentrate on tenant retention and planning for future occupancy prior to term vacancies.

Marketing programs are available that will help you and your agent identify targeted tenants already in the immediate and surrounding areas and to generate interest in your property. Landbridge Commercial professionals have access to training and marketing resources to match the right property to the right tenant and to ensure that the facilities will meet user requirements. Whether it's listing flyers, property websites, advertisements in local publications and/or direct contact with prospects, the Landbridge Commercial Professional will work to generate leads for you. Landbridge Commercial professionals may handle all negotiations, coordinate space planning and document review with the attorneys to facilitate a rapid and successful lease-up program.

Ready to get started?

Even if you've just started thinking about selling, contact us now. A Landbridge Commercial Professional will be in touch to discuss ways to sell your property faster and for the best price.